Family Photography FAQ


What should we wear?


I recommend picking neutral colors with no bold print or patterns. Bold accessories like scarves and different textures of fabric add a lot of interest to photos! I go over a much more detailed style guide in my Family Prep Guide, which all my clients receive after booking their family photography session.


Where are the best locations for family photos in Edmonton?


I know a ton of beautiful spots in our city for the perfect family photoshoot setting! We will pick a location based on your family’s style (urban downtown, natural park etc). A few of my favorite spots are the Millcreek Ravine, Hermitage Park and the Strathcona Science Park.


What is the best time for our family photoshoot?


The best lighting is 1.5 hours before sunset (we call this golden hour) but sometimes in the summer this is a little late for the kids to be up. I always recommend a time after dinner or in the early morning when the sunlight is a bit softer.


How long is a session?


I recommend blocking off 1.5 hours for the session. Usually they only last for 45 minutes to an hour but this way we don’t have to be rushed and can make sure we capture the best memories!


What if my kids don’t co-operate?


I ran a dayhome for five years so I have a lot of experience with kids. However, sometimes kids (and everyone else) just have a bad day. In this case, I always do my best to try to make the session fun for your little ones and encourage them to participate. Even when your kids are cranky, we can still capture some amazing photos! I have surprised more then one client who thought they wouldn’t get any good images because of their child being upset.


When will I get my photos?


All images will be edited and delivered within two weeks of your session. You will also see a sneak peek within 24 hours!


Can I print my photos?


Yes! You may print your photos anywhere that you would like. However, I recommend using a professional lab so the prints match the quality of the images. If you really don’t want to get them professionally printed then I would recommend using London Drugs, there quality is way better then Walmart.


I also offer printing services, feel free to ask me about pricing!


Do you offer studio or indoor sessions as well?


I do! We can set up a lifestyle session in your home or book a local studio for an indoor option. However, booking a studio does require an extra fee.


What happens if it rains or my child is sick?


We can still capture some memories in the rain! But, if your family doesn’t want to get wet and the weather is horrible then we can always reschedule.


If your little one isn’t feeling well we can always reschedule the session!


Do you offer family sessions outside of Edmonton?


Yes! I absolutely travel but there is a travel fee depending on the location.