Maternity & Newborn Photographer FAQ


When should I book my maternity session?


I recommend booking your session between 27 to 34 weeks. This is when your little baby bump is showing but you’re not too uncomfortable.


What should I wear to my maternity session?


I recommend long dresses as they photograph beautifully. I have a client closet with a bunch of dresses that my clients are welcome to use or they can purchase their own. I also recommend bringing a casual outfit so we can capture a variety of images.


When should I book my newborn session?


The best newborn photos happen when baby is under 10 days old. I always strongly encourage clients to book their newborn session when they book their maternity session. I know we can’t predict when baby will arrive, but we can pencil in 3 dates around your due date. This way you have options once baby arrives and can feel secure that I won’t be booked already.


Where do we take the newborn photos?


I capture newborn photos in the comfort of your home! We will still take wrapped and posed baby photos with props, I just bring the stuff to you! I find travelling to my clients homes makes the experience more comfortable for Mom & baby.


What rooms will you use?


I set up my little travelling studio by the best source of natural light which is usually the biggest window. We also might use the master bedroom and nursery.


What will you bring with you?


I will bring a posing bean bag, wraps, headbands, props, backdrops and anything else I need to capture the best photos!


Can we use special props from the nursery?


I LOVE when clients have special/personal items to photograph with their newborn. Sometimes this is a teddy from the nursery or a blanket made by Grandma. We can definitely incorporate personal items for the newborn and maternity sessions.