An Edmonton maternity & newborn photographer who will capture every chapter of your story.

So, you’ve read what to expect when you’re expecting. You’re as prepared as you can be. But, what should you expect from your maternity & newborn photographer?


You’re worried about how you will look in the photos. First things first. You’re glowing and beautiful. You’re literally creating a work of art inside you. It’s my job as your photographer to showcase how beautiful you are!


You would be amazed at how many Mom's are concerned about what shape or size their bump is.


Ladies: Your bump is perfect. No matter the size or shape.


Each bump is unique, just like every body is. I’ve seen all different kinds of pregnancy bumps and know all the tricks to make sure your baby looks perfect!


I will guide you through simple poses and prompts, so you feel confident and comfortable with how you look. I always encourage your family to tag along to these shoots. So, pack up your spouse and kids so we can create some genuine memories! Having them involved means you’ll have to worry less about being in the spotlight. Less pressure on you equals better, more natural photos!

The perfect time to book is between 27 & 34 weeks. You’ll still feel mostly comfortable and confident at this time. You’ve developed “the glow” and your bump is showing.


What will you wear though?

Well. I’ve got a client closet with maternity gowns! You’re welcome to use any of them or bring your own outfit. I’ll send you a style guide, so you know exactly what to wear and how to co-ordinate with your family. I also always encourage my Moms to be to bring a casual outfit so we can get a good variety of photos.


The prep guide you receive after booking will go over everything you need to do to prepare. This way you can stop stressing and just enjoy the experience!

Next thing you know, baby is here!


You’ll be tired and sore and completely exhausted.

Imagine packing up your newborn, leaving the comfort of your home and being stuck in a stranger’s studio for hours.


This is not how your session will go with me.


I always travel to you.


I hear that sigh of relief. You’ll be way more comfortable at home. You have everything you need to take care of your newborn there. Plus, after having a baby you need to rest! That’s why I come to you.


This means I pack up my little studio and set up at your place. Don’t worry if you don’t think your house is “nice” enough, I can assure you that it is! I’ll bring a bean bag poser, backdrops, props, wraps and headbands.


What you’ll have to do:



Newborn photography does take time. Sessions can take up to 3 hours, depending on how baby is behaving. After all, they did just arrive and need to be comforted, cuddled, changed and fed.


I will pose your baby in natural and safe ways. This means no crazy photos where baby is supporting their own head. At this age, they’re not supposed to do that! The safety of your newborn is always my main priority.


Our bodies take some time to go back to normal after birth. That’s okay and completely normal. That doesn’t mean you need to skip family photos with your newborn! I’ve taken tons of courses on how to pose moms comfortably and confidently after birth. I’ll make sure you look your best!

The point is: I will make you engagement session about your story.

When should you book your newborn session?


I strongly suggest the same time as your maternity session. I know we can not predict when baby will arrive, but we can pencil in 3 dates around your due date. This ensures I’m available but also makes the dates flexible in case they need to be changed. It also gives you options, depending on how you feel after birth.


The best newborn photos are captured within the first 14 days after birth.


You’ll learn about everything else you’ll need in my newborn prep guide.

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