Ashlee Aparvary: A Professional Photographer in Edmonton.

 Your adventure, artistically captured.

Hi! I’m Ashlee, a professional Edmonton photographer who loves to travel. I believe photoshoots should be an experience. Something that becomes a memory instead of a daunting task.


You might tell me you hate having your photo taken. I would tell you two things:


  1. Me too.

  2. So does everyone else.


You’re far from alone. I’m the queen of making awkward faces in photographs. But that's okay! Being an awkward face maker taught me how to capture more natural photographs. Want to know my secret?


The less you think about your face, the more natural it looks.

I’m an introvert. I’m an extrovert. I’m an ambivert. The thing is, I love my job so much that I become an extrovert. Weird right?

This means I understand both sides. I have the knowledge and understanding to make you feel comfortable and confident during your session.

Just wait. You’ll see.

I’m a Mom of one and a wife to a loving husband. I say loving husband because he might be allergic to pets, but we still somehow have four (oops).

I speak fluent Disney. Which will likely make me your kids new BFF.

I get restless between adventures. At heart, I belong in the mountains and I only truly feel at home when I'm there. Who knew a home wasn't defined by four walls.

When I’m not photographing chapters in people’s stories, you’ll probably find me at war with my glue gun. Creativity and crafting keep me alive. But my glue gun has other plans and I have the scars to prove it.

Bride nd Groom at the St. Albert Trestle bridge by Professional edmonton photographer

Where is your adventure taking you?

Click your current chapter to learn how I'm going to capture your story.

sunset maternity photo by professional edmonton photographer
dad and daughter family photo by professional edontn photographer