An Edmonton Family Photographer, authentically capturing your stories.

Let me guess. Your husband cringes every time you book a photoshoot.


Don’t stress. Mine does too. Most men like to complain but generally change their tune when I tell them this story:


"My husband hates photos too. He’s got a good reason though. When I was pregnant with my daughter, we shot maternity photos outside in -30 for 8 hours. Yes, you heard me correctly. Eight hours. This will be a walk in the park compared to that!"

You thinking your face is awkward, your grumpy spouse and spirited children are all normal. Here is what I’m going to do to capture authentic images:


  1. I won’t expect the kids to stand still. Instead I’ll use prompts and games to get them moving and having fun. This is also what’s going to keep your spouse entertained and you from thinking you look awkward.

  2. I’ll send you a welcome and prep guide which will go over everything you need to get ready for the session. This includes outfit inspiration, location, time etc.

Think of it more as a date with your family instead of a family photo session. Stop worrying about getting the perfect photo and realize that the best photos are created naturally. The best photos are of your authentic self.

Take an hour. Reconnect with your family. Let me photograph that connection. I’ll capture your story, one chapter at a time.

You’ll walk away feeling relieved and wondering why we didn’t work together sooner.


See some of the stories I’ve captured 

Love the outdoors?

Let's go to one of our beautiful parks!

Have a fur baby?

Bring them along. Pets are family too!

Enjoy the comfort of indoors? 

Let's do a cozy lifestyle session!

The point is: I will make your family session about you!