Wedding FAQ

This is a list of FAQ I receive as a wedding photographer. These questions are super important. I highly recommend making sure that you ask any potential photographer ALL of these questions.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

The simple answer is no. I go through all of the images and select all of the photos where you look your best. Some of the images that do no get edited are due to people blinking, testing lighting etc. I want you to see your final photos and fall completely in love!

Do you offer destination weddings?

Absolutely! I will travel anywhere for weddings. From short distances to the mountains or long distances down to Mexico.

Do you shoot in Jpeg or RAW?

I ALWAYS shoot in RAW. If you're not sure what this means then here's a quick explanation:

A RAW file is not processed inside of the camera and is not a compressed file. This means the image contains all of the original information like sharpness, contrast white balance etc.

A Jpeg file is compressed and processed in the camera. These files can not be altered or edited as well as a RAW file.

What is your photography style?


My style is vibrant with true colors. This means I don't use trendy presets that could possibly go out of style next year. I don't alter the colors of your wedding day which will help you preserve the memory. I believe every session should be filled with emotional images that capture your unique story.

Do you edit all the images?

Yes. I do a lighter edit for the ceremony and reception photos since you are less likely to have these printed. This includes adjusting lighting, contrast, white balance, cropping etc. I do a much more extensive edit of the formal portraits. For these images I whiten teeth, remove blemishes, remove unwanted objects etc.

How will I get my photos?

Your sneak peeks will be delivered to you via email the day after your wedding. Your entire gallery will be mailed to you once it's ready on a USB with a special gift.

How long will it take to receive my photos?

You sneak peeks will be ready the day after your wedding. This will be 1 to 3 photos that you can share on social media and with your family. Your entire gallery will be delivered within 4 weeks of your wedding day.

How many hours should I book?

This really depends on what you want captured. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do you want photos of your Mom zipping you into your dress? (Getting ready photos)

  • Do you want to look back and see the candid moments and dance offs you may have missed? (Reception)

At the end of your wedding day, all that remains are your photos. It's important to pick a package that allows your photographer to capture all the moments you want to remember. If you want photos of everything, book a 10 hour package. If you're not too concerned about getting photos while you're getting ready or candid photos of the reception, book a 5 hour package.

What happens if we go over the contracted time?

I always talk to my couple 15 minutes before my contracted time is up. This way we can discuss together if you would like me to stay or if you're ready for me to leave. If you require me to stay then there will be an extra fee depending on the length of time.

What happens if you're sick or can't make it?

So far, I have never missed a wedding! However, I am prepared if something were to happen. I have a great relationship with a few other photographers in Edmonton who I can use as back ups for the day. I will always find you a replacement, if I were unable to make it. I would never leave a couple stranded like that.

How many images can we expect?

You can expect between 75 and 100 photos per hour of coverage. This means is you book a 5 hour package then you're going to receive around 500 high resolution, edited images.

Do you provide printing services?

Of course! I use a local Edmonton lab for all of my printing and have a variety of options available. I offer everything from standard 8 x 10 prints to canvases or wedding albums.

Do you back up your images?

Not only do I back up all of my images when I get home, I also shoot with 2 memory cards. This means your photos are automatically backed up throughout the day. I then back them up on my computer and external storage device once I get home. That means your photos are backed up at a minimum of 3 times.